Issues regarding how to get extra accessories

             in case of loss or damage


To respected users,

 Sincerely thanks for your long-standing strong support to FiiO and our products all the way.

 In case of any loss or damage of the related accessory that generates problem or inconvenience to you in using the product, you can contact us directly.

 We would offer the accessory to you free of charge. However, due to the high international freight, which would be 10 times or dozens of times higher than the accessory itself. So we may have no choice but to collect the freight from you to lessen our extra expense burden, hope you would understand our situation.


     Meanwhile, some points we may want to bring your attention to:   


1. In need of any accessories, just send 5USD freight to our PayPal account (pay@fiio.com.cn) via PayPal, we would arrange the delivery right after we got your payment and information.

2. Normally, we would choose the most economical delivery method (HK Post) to deliver the parcel, while would take a little longer to get to you, say 15 to 20 working days, please be kindly noted.

3. Please remember to provide the contact number to us which is requested by the Post Office.

4. You can enclose the required information about the accessory name, contact person, contact number and the specific address along with the payment notes or send email to us at market@fiio.com.cn by giving us above information.


 You understanding and continuous support to us would be highly appreciated.   


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