2.How to reset the device if problems happen? For example, it fails to power on or gets no sounds when playing music.

【RESET not supported】
It does not support to be reset. If malfunction happens, unplug and plug it off the USB to return to normal performance.

【If no sounds out】
Follow the instructions below to solve it.
1) Check the settings of the current sound card device on the computer.
2) Check the position of the volume knob.
3) Make sure if you have paused the music. (The BTA30 supports to short press the PAIR button to pause the music).
4) Under TX mode (USB-in), there will be no output for the LDAC codec connection.
5) Under TX mode (Bluetooth multipoint pairing), the 2 connected devices cannot output at the same time for LDAC and aptX LL codecs.

【The sound card device identified by the computer is not BTA30?】
The BTA30 is driverless. These products of ours would be identified as other devices like the BTR3K. Unload the Driver off the computer to solve it.

【No sounds when connecting to the computer via Bluetooth?】
It is also suggested to unload the Driver off the computer.

【Unload Driver off the computer】
On the bottom right corner of the computer page: Click the mouse on right to call for Sound device - Property- General- Drivers- Unload the Driver. After unloading it, unplug and re-plug the data cable.

【Fail to connect via Bluetooth】
It is suggested to clear the pairing records of both the BTA30 and the Bluetooth receiving device and then reconnect them.

【How to clear the pairing】
Keep the device on (not in pairing state) and switch it to RX/TX mode, hold the POWER+PAIR button simultaneously for about 5s.