The new firmware FW1.0.3 for FiiO M17 is now available!


The following changes and improvements have been made to the FW1.0.3 compared to the FW1.0.2 on M17:

1. Added a new function to disable battery charging (you can enable it in Settings-Battery);

2. Added  a new function to hide the full screen indicator when using gesture navigation (you can enable it in Settings-Global-System navigation-Gesture navigation);

3. Added ambient light sync setting to synchronize the side ambient light with the knob indicator(you can enable it in Settings-Display-Indicator light control);

4. Added the volume adjusting mode shortcut icon in drop down menu (you can hold and drag it in the drop down menu-edit to add);

5. Added a new option to the multifunction button setting: Lock screen/Wake up;

6. Added more timers options for idle poweroff;

7. Added the option of 'Do not display again' in the pop-up window when All to DSD function is enabled;

8. Fixed the issue where the output would be error in USB 2.0 port when exclusive USB audio access mode is turned off;

9. Fixed the issue where the white noise might be heard while playing music in Bluetooth transmitting mode;

10.  Miscellaneous improvements on performance.


M17 firmware download: Click here

How to upgrade the M17:Click here