The new firmware V1.4 for FiiO UTWS5 is now available!

The UTWS5 features a programmable Bluetooth processor platform, which has very powerful processing capabilities, especially in audio performance, which can be highly customized.


Since the release of the product, our R&D team has continued to tap the potential of the QCC5141 platform, gradually digging out the "Ambient Sound Mode" and "Game Mode". Now, the Beta testing of LHDC is officially open!

It is worth mentioning that the UTWS5 has recently acquired the "Snapdragon Sound" certification from Qualcomm.



The following changes and improvements have been made in V1.4:


1. Added Ambient Sound Mode

After enabling the Ambient Sound Mode, we can easily catch up with small talks with our friends, hear the sound of vehicles on the road as well as the arrival reminder in the subway without taking off headphones.


Triple-click the button on the right earhook to enable the Ambient Sound Mode. Also, we can enable it on the FiiO Control APP: UTWS5->Audio->Ambient Sound, and adjust the gain here.


2. Added Game Mode

Turning on the Game Mode can significantly improve the low latency in the Bluetooth transmission process.


Tested by FiiO Labs, the aptX Adaptive can improve the latency by about 27% while the aptX can improve by about 41%.

**When connecting the UTWS5 to the Mi 10 in aptX Adaptive codec, the measured latency goes up to 165ms with the Game Mode off, while the latency goes down to 121ms with the Game Mode on.

**When connecting the UTWS5 to the Huawei P20 in aptX codec, the measured latency goes up to 255ms with the Game Mode off, while the latency goes down to 150ms with the Game Mode on.


3. Added LHDC Bluetooth codec (beta version)

LHDC is a high-definition Bluetooth audio codec technology with similar performance to LDAC, both of which support up to 96k/24bit audio transmission.


When LHDC was HWA at first, FiiO took the lead in applying this technology to the BTR3 stereo Bluetooth amp. After years of technical iterations, it is now becoming more and more mature. In addition, some Chinese mainstream mobile phone manufacturers (such as OPPO, Xiaomi, vivo) have gradually included the HD Bluetooth transmission of LHDC, making this technology more and more popular.


In order to meet the needs of more audiophiles for high-definition sound quality of TWS Bluetooth transmission, we decided to introduce LHDC again and try it out on the UTWS5 first after careful consideration.


4. Miscellaneous improvements on performance.



How to upgrade the firmware of UTWS5: Click here

(Video instruction: Click here)

UTWS5 firmware download link: Click here




Notes on upgrading the UTWS5 firmware:

1. It is not suggested to reverse back to the previous version after upgrading.


2. Before upgrading, it is suggested to check whether your mobile phone supports LHDC. You can check the list provided by LHDC team here: LHDC supporting list_ Phone(Provided by LHDC team)


3. If the sound stutters, please try to stay away from interference sources (such as routers or wireless keyboards and mice, etc.). Or go to the "Developer options" on the mobile phone to adjust the transmission bit rate to "Adaptive"


4. Due to the difference in the operating system of mobile phones and LHDC versions, it may be connected not as LHDC by default. At this time, please select the LHDC codec in the Developer options menu on the mobile phone.



Some issues of concern

1. Will the subsequent firmware be updated again?

--Yes. We will continue to make optimization and enrich more functions for the UTWS5 since it is our pioneer product in the HiFi TWS field.


2. What is the LHDC version this time?

Our beta test this time is the 3.0 version customized by LHDC for adaptation to the Qualcomm platform. There will be a higher version 4.0 adaptation in the future.


3. When will the LDAC be supported?

Currently, the UTWS5 does not support LDAC. But as the application party, we are working hard with our partners for stable and efficient audio transmission.