FiiO Releases the iRC-MMCX Lightning Earphone Cable


No headphone jack? No problem. FiiO comes up with another solution for you who are eyeing the Lightning interface -- the Lightning earphone cable iRC-MMCX. The iRC-MMCX is specifically designed for use with devices that use Apples Lightning interface, such as the iPhone, iPod, and iPad, featuring the following:


  • Play/pause, volume up/down, next/previous track in-line controls

  • Over-the-ear cable design that uses MMCX connectors

  • High-performance audio codec chip

  • Built-in high-definition microphone

  • Compatible with iTunes and with many streaming music services

  • Forged aluminum alloy casing with a conveniently long cable

  • Keep calm and carry on with intelligent switching

  • A dedicated app with both form and function

  • Sipping power but ready at a moment’s notice

  • Apple MFi Certified


Check out the detailed introduction of iRC-MMCX at:


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