FiiO Privacy Policy

Thank you for choosing FiiO! On the basis of the latest laws and regulations, and corresponding supervisory policies, Guangzhou FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. and its related parties (hereinafter referred to as “we”) have updated the FiiO Privacy Policy which has further clarified how we collect, use and store user information. If you disagree over the FiiO Privacy Policy, you may have problems using our products and services.

We expect that you could read while fully understanding the FiiO Privacy Policy, realizing how we collect, use, store and handle user information, which could help you learn more about our products and services before appropriate selections.

1. How we collect and use your information

1.1 In order to better provide and optimize our services, we would collect the information provided by you willingly or generated when you are using our services based on principles of legality, righteousness and necessity. The information collection and processing would be in accordance with the following ways.

1.2 When you are using the local music playing function, we will collect the local music information, relevant music activities and media library from your terminal device, aiming at presenting the local music information so that you are able to check and play your local music through FiiO Music App. You could cancel the storage permission to stop us from collecting related information. Once we are prohibited, we will discontinue the collection. 

1.3 To guarantee your normal use of our products and services, as well as maintaining their execution, we are about to collect your information listed as follows. 
(1) Service log: if software collapses happen to our products when you are using them, the related information would be collected automatically and stored as service logs.
(2) Device information: including the device model, operation system version, system language, storage status, battery status, Bluetooth status. For collecting the above information, we will ask for permission to access your device information. If you refuse to grant the permission, it may lead to the malfunction of some features, such as the Bluetooth device control.
(3) Location-based information: when you are using FiiO Link, we will acquire your coarse longitude and latitude information via WiFi or mobile base station to ensure the normal use of WiFi and Bluetooth searching function. For collecting the above information, we will ask for permission to access your location information. If you refuse to grant the permission, it may lead to the malfunction of the FiiO Link.

1.4 In order to continuously optimize our products for better services, we have cooperated with third-party SDK alliances. The followings are the potentially involved permissions and usage that they have announced. 
(1) Network status detection: avoid data transmission in abnormal network status to save cellular data and battery power.
(2) IMEI acquisition from user device: through IMEI to uniquely identify users to provide statistic analysis services.
(3) WiFi mac address acquisition: to provide statistic analysis services normally.  
(4) Permissions for applications to access networks and transmit statistic data to provide statistic analysis services.

1.5 Functions and services we provide for you are constantly updating and developing. If certain functions or services are not included in the above explanation yet your personal information is collected, we will separately explain the contents, ranges of the information and the intention of collecting through prompts, interactive process, site statements, etc. and ask for your permission. 

2. How we store your information

Based on corresponding laws and regulations, we will store your personal information on the FiiO server through safety technical protection measures.  

3. How we disclose your information

3.1 We will only publicly disclose your information under the following circumstances.
(1) With your permission or based on your self-choice, we may publicly disclose your information.
(2) If you are confirmed to violate the laws and regulations, or seriously violate service agreements or rules of FiiO Music App, we may disclose your information according to corresponding laws and regulations or with your permission.

3.2 We will share and disclose your information without your prior consent if: 
(1) In circumstances related to our discharge of obligations under the laws and regulations.
(2) In circumstances directly related to national security and national defense security.
(3) In circumstances directly related to public security, public health and vital public interest. 
(4) In circumstances directly related to criminal investigation, prosecution, trial and trial execution. 
(5) With the aim of protecting the personal information subject or vital legitimate interests of other individuals, including lives, possessions yet with difficulty to acquire user permission.
(6) The involved information is willingly disclosed to the public by the personal information subject. 
(7) The personal information is collected from legally disclosed information, including legitimate journalism, government information publicity, academic research achievements. 
(8) In other circumstances prescribed by laws and regulations.

4. Scope of applicability

The FiiO Privacy Policy is applicable to all of our products and services. However, certain products and services may have their specific privacy policy with applicable clauses which explain more clearly how we handle user personal information. If there are any inconsistencies between the FiiO Privacy Policy and the specific privacy policy of certain products and services, please refer to applicable clauses in the specific one unless there are special official statements.

5. How we update the FiiO Privacy Policy

5.1 As our service area is enlarging day by day, we may update clauses of the FiiO Privacy Policy. These updates are parts of the FiiO Privacy Policy. If it leads to a substantial transformation to your legal rights, we will inform you by giving a prompt in a conspicuous place or through other ways before the update. For timely awareness of the update notification, it is suggested to read the FiiO Privacy Policy frequently.

5.2 In any event, if you continue to use our services, you agree to be bound by the new version of FiiO Privacy Policy.

5.3 The updated FiiO Privacy Policy will take effect on the date it is updated, replacing the previous version.

6. How to contact us

If you have any problems, disagreements and suggestions for the FiiO Privacy Policy, or any complaints and accusations, you are welcomed to contact us via emails ( Generally, we would give replies in 15 days once we receive your feedback and confirm your user identification.